Phenological Eyes Network (PEN)

--- Connecting Satellite Remote Sensing to the Ground-Level Ecosystems ---


License: This data set is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC-BY 4.0:


Nagai S, Akitsu T, Saitoh TM, et al. 8 million phenological and sky images from 29 ecosystems from the Arctic to the tropics: the Phenological Eyes Network. Ecological Research,

Data of PEN

IDsite nameplant typedata
AHSAlice HoltDBForiginal summary
EGTEGAT Tower, Thailandmixedoriginal summary
FHKFuji-HokurokuDNForiginal summary
GDKGwangneungDBForiginal summary
HVTHawaiiVolcano ThurstonEBForiginal summary
KBFKranzberger forestDBForiginal summary
KEWKiryu Experimental WatershedENForiginal summary
LAMOil palm plantationEvergreen plantationoriginal summary
LBRLambir HillsEBForiginal summary
MMFMoshiri Mixed Forest SiteMixed forestoriginal summary
MSEMase Flux siterice paddyoriginal summary
MTKMt. TsukubaMixed forestoriginal summary
PFAPoker Flat Research Range Fairbanks AlaskaECForiginal summary
RHNRIHNurbanoriginal summary
SGDSugadairagrasslandoriginal summary
SHASeoul Heonilleung Alnus ForestDecidious forestoriginal summary
SSPSpasskaya PadDNForiginal summary
TFSTomakomai Flux SiteDNForiginal summary
TGFTERC Grass Fieldgrasslandoriginal summary
TKCTakayama Evergreen Coniferous SiteENForiginal summary
TKYTakayama Flux SiteDBForiginal summary
TOCTomakomai Experimental Forest Crane siteDBForiginal summary
TOETomakomai Experimental Forest Flux siteDNForiginal summary
TOSTomakomai Satellite monitoring/validation siteDBForiginal summary
TSETeshio CC-LaG Experiment Site Mixed forestDNForiginal summary
UAKUniversity of Alasla FairbanksECForiginal summary
URYUryu Experimental ForestSkyoriginal summary
YGTYatsugatake SiteDNForiginal summary

* Acronyms:
  • DBF: deciduous broadleaf forest
  • DNF: deciduous needleleaf forest (in our case, larch forest)
  • EBF: evergreen broadleaf forest
  • ENF: evergreen needleleaf forest
  • TERC: Terrestrial Environment Research Center, Univ. Tsukuba

Map of PEN sites

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